A Once-In-A-Lifetime Day

The Exuma Cays

The Exumas is a chain of 365
emerald-green cays extending
beyond the horizon.The ocean
between them is crystal clear —
a beautiful blue


And there’s a surprise on every cay.

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Start by visiting a cay inhabited by swimming pigs. Later, brave a swim with friendly sharks on an adventure that is far from ordinary.

With Pigs

Major Cay, The Exumas

Nowhere else in the world offers travellers an encounter with an entire cay of pigs. Bring some tasty treats, these swimming pigs love putting on a show for visitors bearing gifts.

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Eager & full of excitement, they swim out to greet you.

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Bahamas Petal 2 Decoration
couple on the reef with fish around

Deep Diving
to Discover

Thunderball Grotto, The Exumas

The high tide keeps the entrance of this secret underwater cave hidden. But dive the gin-clear depths, and you'll discover a world teeming with marine life. Reaching the inside is a challenge but the worthy sort for snorkelers and adventure-seekers on their way to Compass Cay.

Fun fact: You can swim through the site of the iconic James Bond films Thunderball and Never Say Never Again.

couple inside a beautiful cave
couple diving inside a cave

The warm skin of sharks isn't a thing one can easily put into words.

With Sharks

Compass cay, The Exumas

The sight of sharks circling fluidly below dock holds your attention. At high tide, they swim up on the dock as if to soak up the sun. Run your hands over their skin or slip underwater and swim alongside them. These gentle sharks are happy to share their little slice of paradise with visitors.

Above the dock which doubles as a makeshift bar, signs cover the rustic walls and pillars. You can relax here, take the day a bit slower. The best drinks come mixed with spiced rum and you can find all the snorkeling equipment needed to go underwater venturing.

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Exumas - map
Exumas - map

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