Exuma Cays
Land & Sea Park

The Exumas, Bahamas

Truly an Eden on Earth, this protected marine area is home to the second-largest coral barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and remains just as Nature intended:

Peple on a Kayak
Peple on a Kayak
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"It’s a great way
to ensure our natural
resources are
protected for
future generations."
- Park Ranger Brent J. Burrows
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Travel through An Eco-sanctuary

For 176 square miles, this colourful water world of natural wonders includes the Rocky Dundas cave system, the Sea Aquarium, and forests of mangroves. All provide essential habitat for a variety of flora and fauna species. Since 1958, preservation efforts by the Bahamas National Trust have ensured the park remains a haven for a thriving ecosystem, and future generations can experience one of the planet's true treasures.

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Exumas - map
Exumas - map

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